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TMG Coaching & Consulting

TMG Coaching & Consulting are two powerful resources available for you to grow your business in a competitive and economic environment unlike anything that has come before. Whether you need the “sage on the stage” consultant or “guide on the side” coach, the introduction of an objective third party can shed new light on almost any business situation. TMG Coaching & Consulting’s mission is:  To provide insight and support for your most challenging issues.

TMG Coaching is about change. When you work with a coach you set a process in motion for affecting that change. You take action toward the realization of specific goals.  Coaching produces targeted results in less time than other learning experiences. The results are impressive.

Discuss coaching with us for:

  • Pre-Hiring Assessments – Conducting an in-depth view of potential hires.
  • Employee Transitions – Minimizing the stress of promotions, resignations and  terminations.
  • Team Building – Stacking the odds that your employees will be happy and productive in their positions.
  • Multi-Generational Workforce Issues – Enhancing communication and understanding of the work place dynamics.
  • Enhanced Performance – Minimizing the personal derailers and build the competencies of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Creative Leadership – When you are ready to leapfrog beyond “tried-and-true.”

TMG Consulting is about knowledge. Hire us to provide our knowledge and expertise in your vertical industry.

Discuss consulting with us when you want to:

  • Upgrade your hiring and on-boarding process.
  • Create a strategy for developing a stronger global presence.
  • Review of industry trends and data.
  • Revise your compensation and benefits programs.
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