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Bernard Gaillet (1934 - 2013)

Industrial Automation Consultant
In Memoriam

*  Inventor, Designer & Implementer of
    Automation Solutions
*  Expert Problem Solver
*  Vertical & Horizontal Industry Knowledge
*  Degreed Engineer with Real Life

Bernie joined The Mattran Group in 1996 and twice tried to retire. He had been the cornerstone of the industrial automation division and mentored new account executives for close to 15 years. During his tenure he played an instrumental role in the expansion of deliverables to our clients.

Bernie was a large presence in and out of our office. His enthusiasm for our business and helping companies land the best possible candidate was infectious. His clients held him in high regard and the candidates he placed continue to influence the industry to this day. 

He was the tactician of the TMG sailing team aboard Tight Squeeze  and OverTime, leading the team to many victories. He was the instigator of good times, good food, and good friendship.

Bernie died suddenly on January 7, 2013.

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