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TMG Solutions

TMG Solutions co-creates products and services with you to address your current needs.  Our mission is: To provide scalable recruiting alternatives to accomplish your hiring objectives. 

The two scalable programs we offer are Search Lite and Contract Staffing

Search Lite

This program is for companies who wish to avail themselves of the same level of research and screening we provide for ourselves, prior to our in-depth interviewing and qualifying of potential candidates, and who wish to conduct  that portion of the process themselves.

Search Lite provides you with a predetermined number of candidates by a specific date for a flat service charge.  Following the posting of the position for ten business days we will screen and recommend the top candidates based on your criteria and the applicant’s ability to realistically change positions and work for your company.

Your industry specific recruiter will discuss career and life goals, personal strengths, skills, track record, compensation, relocation and business philosophy.   Your recruiter will screen for “right fit” for the applicant and your company, and use industry guidelines for assessing the value of the applicants in the current marketplace.

Think of this service:

  • If you are looking for a lower cost option than the traditional retained or contingency search.
  • If you have the internal resources to “deliver” the most desired candidate.

Contract Staffing

As a partner with MRI Contract Staffing, TMG Solutions is able to provide you with mid to upper level outsourced professionals with optional benefits that will attract high quality candidates. Your industry specific recruiter will identify qualified personnel to meet your staffing needs.

Think of this service for:  

  • Specific short term projects.
  • Containing corporate head count.
  • A chance to evaluate someone in the position.
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