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Red Alert! The Candidate Market Has Changed

We have now entered into a candidate driven market.

In the last month, 82% of the currently employed candidates that our firm evaluated as “A Players” and were interviewing with our clients had multiple offers on the table. These are the most desirable candidates by experience and skill-set with verifiable track records of high achievement and success. These are the candidates you want. These are the candidates you hire us to source, assess and deliver.

The ability to attract, interest and hire these candidates is getting more difficult. They are in demand, being courted, and carefully evaluating their options. The housing market has also had its impact on the ability of many candidates to relocate, which reduces the pool of available talent. But the economy is turning around, and the best candidates are getting good offers.

So what does this mean to a company trying to hire? It means that:

  • You have to “attract” candidates; you have to have a story to tell, and a future to sell.
  • You have to be decisive and move efficiently. It’s an indicator of corporate culture.
  • You have to pay attention to who is representing your company and the candidate’s impression of how the process is managed. How you onboard new hires is their first opportunity to evaluate your company.

From the more tactical side of conducting the search, we urge you to think the entire process through.

  • Start the search when you are able to plan a six-week window of telephone and face-to-face interviews with all the people who will be involved in the hiring process.
  • Resist the temptation to think that more recruiters are better. That will only confuse the good candidates, and complicate the hiring process.
  • Develop a good relationship with your recruiter; we should be your trusted partners for talent acquisition.

Companies that can make timely decisions will win the best candidates. We can help you organize and streamline your hiring process.

Rose Mattran

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