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10% Unemployment?

If you listen to the media’s relentless harping on the near 10% unemployment rate and happen to be a business owner or manager trying to hire a skilled worker, you are probably confused and wondering why you can’t find good people to hire. Watching the change in the employment market over the last two years had led us to the conclusion that most of the unemployed are actually unemployable - particularly in the corporate segments where we routinely work. 

The “really good people,” for the most part, are working. Yes, some have gotten caught in corporate closings, but in general, unemployment in the mid to senior level segments we work has been consistently around 4.5%.  

Skilled, well-educated and highly motivated employees are in great demand, and we will affirm that there are more available positions than qualified candidates to fill them. So how do you attract and hire the best and brightest workers?  

Here are a few things to think about: 

Be aware that your quest for attracting talent begins with how you approach the marketplace. Are you posting a position on a job board that is meant to attract the “unemployables?” Or, are you hiring professional representation to uncover the talented people who you would really like to hire?  

Is your interviewing process in the hands of the people who are only marginally capable of describing the position and career opportunity to your candidates? Or have you engaged a highly trained professional who thinks beyond matching key words on job descriptions with resumes? 

Have your hiring managers been conducting the same interview with everyone for the last 20 years? Or, are your hiring managers professionally coached on how to interview each individual candidate so they fully understand their motivation for joining your company?  

Effective hiring is not about being able to identify talented candidates. It’s about the process that starts when you find them. 

Rose Mattran

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