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Great Recruiters Assess and Deliver

Technology has made the identification of candidates easier than ever. With the overabundance of posting sites and resume services on the internet almost anyone can retrieve a stack of resumes that are keyword matched to those on a job description. But will that alone produce a truly good candidate?

Recruiting has two aspects: art and science. We might say that the science of recruiting is the technology of recruiting; knowing where to look, who to call, and the many electronic haystacks under which the needle is hiding. It’s the process that identifies the candidates with the appropriate skill sets. The art, on the other hand, is the ability to ask the questions and have the conversations that will really uncover what makes the candidate tick.

Assessing is the ability to get under the candidate’s skin; ask the right questions and understand their current employment situation, skills, training, work ethic, management preferences, business goals and philosophy. Then there are life goals, family support, fears, hopes and dreams. And when we are finished with those topics, there are the deep discussions surrounding self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. 

Getting to the bottom of this list is quite a process. From the time we meet the candidate until we introduce them to you, it is not unusual for us to have had 5 or 6 interviews. With each conversation, we get a clearer picture of how the candidate will perform in your environment. 

Our goal is to deliver candidates that will find meaning and satisfaction in their work.
They will work harder and better and be happier employees.

When we get to our short list and are ready to recommend people to you, we make sure the full candidate profile makes sense. We have the right skills and personality in an individual who is highly motivated to make a change for all the right reasons. We can see them being successful in your company.

We get a chuckle when candidates tell us that the interviews they have with us a far more difficult and penetrating than the ones conducted by our clients. We know why.

Rose Mattran

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