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Blog Archive for December 2010

The Case for the Older Worker

posted in "General" on 12/17/10

The Harvard Business Review Press recently published an important book by Peter Cappelli and Bill Novelli titled Managing the Older Worker. While their book is directed toward the managerial relationship between an older worker and younger boss, their statistics make a compelling argument for including workers over 60 in your candidate pools. There’s plenty of ... Read more »

10% Unemployment?

posted in "General" on 12/02/10

If you listen to the media’s relentless harping on the near 10% unemployment rate and happen to be a business owner or manager trying to hire a skilled worker, you are probably confused and wondering why you can’t find good people to hire. Watching the change in the employment market over the last two years had led us to the conclusion that most of the une ... Read more »

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