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Advice for the Unemployed

posted in "General" on 09/08/11

A candidate called our office to report he had just been rejected from a search because he was currently unemployed. The company had now established a policy that their HR department did not accept applications from candidates that were unemployed. A few attorneys are trying to build a case for discrimination. But unemployment is not a protected class under the Civil ... Read more »

Tough Decisions for Good Candidates

posted in "General" on 07/27/11

Highly skilled candidates are always in demand, and are frequently courted by forward-thinking companies. If you are a desirable candidate, and are actively interviewing, it’s not uncommon to have serious interest from more than one company. How you handle the decision-making process can be tricky.  No two companies progress through the hiring process at t ... Read more »

Career Quandary? Try Clamming-Up.

posted in "General" on 02/21/11

Before you start to look for a new position, take a step back and think deeply about what is really important to you and your family. Have a meeting with the key stakeholders and discuss what the ideal work/life balance would look like. Be reasonable, or your plan to achieve that goal will be nothing more than a pipedream. Here’s a great way to start the conver ... Read more »

Red Alert! The Candidate Market Has Changed

posted in "General" on 02/01/11

We have now entered into a candidate driven market. In the last month, 82% of the currently employed candidates that our firm evaluated as “A Players” and were interviewing with our clients had multiple offers on the table. These are the most desirable candidates by experience and skill-set with verifiable track records of high achievement and success. Th ... Read more »

Great Recruiters Assess and Deliver

posted in "General" on 01/24/11

Technology has made the identification of candidates easier than ever. With the overabundance of posting sites and resume services on the internet almost anyone can retrieve a stack of resumes that are keyword matched to those on a job description. But will that alone produce a truly good candidate? Recruiting has two aspects: art and science. We might say that the s ... Read more »

It's 2010 Plus One

posted in "General" on 01/03/11

Happy New Year! Congratulations for automatically getting a year older. And welcome to my favorite topic: The accusation that recruiters try to find out how old you are from your resume.   Recruiters really don’t care how old you are. We care about your experience and your training; what you can do for our client. If your experience is doing the same ... Read more »

The Case for the Older Worker

posted in "General" on 12/17/10

The Harvard Business Review Press recently published an important book by Peter Cappelli and Bill Novelli titled Managing the Older Worker. While their book is directed toward the managerial relationship between an older worker and younger boss, their statistics make a compelling argument for including workers over 60 in your candidate pools. There’s plenty of ... Read more »

10% Unemployment?

posted in "General" on 12/02/10

If you listen to the media’s relentless harping on the near 10% unemployment rate and happen to be a business owner or manager trying to hire a skilled worker, you are probably confused and wondering why you can’t find good people to hire. Watching the change in the employment market over the last two years had led us to the conclusion that most of the une ... Read more »

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