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Client Information

It’s no longer about finding candidates. 

It’s about attracting the best ones to work for you.

It’s about partnering with a search firm that has the knowledge and skill to identify and prevent obstacles that will complicate your hiring process. 

The Mattran Group provides a variety of high impact services for domestic and international clients.

We recruit:

Permanent Placement: Key personnel for sales, management, engineering, manufacturing and operations around the world.

Contract Staffing: Exempt and Non-Exempt employees on an open-ended contract to match your project needs. 

We coach:

Employee Transitions:  After hiring top talent, who manages the on-boarding process? Will your star salesman become your star manager? How do you handle people moving up, or out?

Employee Retention:  Employees leave managers, not companies. How do you keep employees motivated?

Team Building: There are four generations in today’s workplace. Are you sure you have the right people in the right positions?

Creative Leadership: How will your next generation of leaders be prepared to lead a more global, flexible and diverse workforce?

We consult:

Hiring Criteria: Do you have a realistic hiring criteria? Are the people you seek at the price you can afford really out there?

Efficient Hiring Processes: You found someone you want to hire. How do you seal the deal?

Higher ROI on Your Recruiting Efforts: You know the skill sets your employee needs, but how do you develop bench strength on your teams?

Hiring Assessments: There are lots of them out there. Which ones should you be using?

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